Each historical period brings with it an expansion of individual and collective consciousness; each passage is characterized by space-time openings able to show details of reality that offer new possibilities of vision.

Below is the collection of paintings by Enrica Bacchia, whose art, of apparent direct impact, suggests visuals that allow the user to enter the flow of the present moment, provided that he voluntarily lets himself be seduced.

The paintings capture the moment and open access to a sort of emotional trance beyond time itself: a place where you can separate yourself from the daily fixity, lacking in creative development. Here the user is approached and guided by dreamlike calls of shapes and colors, the second in which the new paradigm is celebrated: there is no difference between work, artist and user. The opportunity to get free from the description of the world as it is known and to initiate a personal evolution in the sign of creative ease. Each painting speaks by communicating information related both to the specific forms present in it and to the value of the frequencies of the gradations of the colors that characterize it.

Every representation of digital painting can be used as a visual and communicative message, not only in terms of painting but also as an application or starting point for the creation of CD or book covers, decorative panels, bases for music videos and much more.

To request information and purchase Enrica Bacchia paintings, you can directly contact the artist indicating the number of the work in which you are interested.


The works are subject to copyright, so it is forbidden to download, use or modify them, completely or in part, without the explicit consent of the author.

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